3S Ocean Network Ltd.

  3S Ocean Network Ltd is a leading trading company specializing in Oceanographic
  and Geophysical applications in Japan.
  We supply
  E SeaSonde HF raders for monitoring surface current of the ocean manufactured
  by CODAR Ocean Sensors
  E MMP(McLane Moored Profiler), MARK78 Sediment traps, RAS time series samplers,
  WTS large volume in-situ pumps, and glass/steel flotation for mooring buoys by
  McLane Research Laboratories,
  E 3D Accoustic currentmeter 'MAVS' by NOBSKA
  E Electromagnetic system by Zonge Engineering & Research Organization and
  E Floating Aerators by Environmental Equipment Engineering.
@Our company name is a symbol of our philosophy - we strive to be a strong network
  between our customers and manufacturers with Satisfaction, Speed and Services(3S).
  We hope that 3S Ocean Network Ltd. can provide high-quality equipment and support
  so that our customers can contribute to society and help to solve environmental,
  global ocean problems.