3S Ocean Network Ltd is a leading trading company specializing in

     Oceanographic and Geophysical applications in Japan.

     We supply

     ・ MMP(McLane Moored Profiler), Prawler, IFCB, MARK78 Sediment traps,

      RAS time series samplers, WTS large volume in-situ pumps, and glass/

      steel flotation for mooring buoys byMcLane Research Laboratories, Inc.

     ・ WIZ portable In-site probe for water analysis and μMAC SMART

      portable water analyzer first and accurate on site analysis by

      Systea S.p.A.

     ・ 3D Accoustic currentmeter 'MAVS' byNOBSKA

     ・ Multigauge 3000 Underwater gauge and Multigauge 6000 Drone

      Ultrasonic Thickness gauge byTritex NDT, Ltd.

     ・ Electromagnetic system byZonge International, Inc.


     Our company name is a symbol of our philosophy - we strive to be a

     strong network between our customers and manufacturers with Speed,

     Solution and Satisfaction (3S).

     We hope that 3S Ocean Network Ltd. can provide high-quality equipment

     and support so that our customers can contribute to society and help to

     solve environmental and global ocean problems.

Name   3S Ocean Network,Ltd.
Adress  4−19−30−1119 Kiitasuna,Koto-ku、Tokyo 136−0073
TEL  03−3646−6692
FAX  03−3646−6732
EMail  Sales@3s-ocean.com